Our Mission

The Canadian Dementia Action Network (CDAN) is dedicated to the mission of eradicating Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias (ADRD).

CDAN brings together Canada’s world-class biomedical researchers and clinicians…

The Mounting Crisis

ADRD is striking Canada’s aging population at an alarming rate. Today, an estimated 500,000 Canadians suffer from dementia and the strain on Canada’s healthcare system is already evident. Current estimates suggest that…

Partners Toward A Cure

CDAN’s ultimate vision is to help create a world where dementia is as rare as Polio. To achieve this objective, we are creating an inclusive network designed to unite various stakeholder groups and focus Canada’s world-class researchers around the common goal of eradicating the suffering associated with dementia. Everyone who is committed to discovering new dementia therapies and improving patient outcomes is encouraged to contact our network. CDAN recognizes the crucial need for supporting focussed, results-driven research...

The CDAN Plan

Read the integrated dementia plan proposed by Canadian researchers and supported by the international research community.

Learn About Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

General information about the disease and links to support resources.

Recent statistics and costs of Alzheimer's Disease

Read the latest 2010 World Alzheimer's Report and other information.

CDAN in the news

Article: Dementia researchers feel blocked by Ottawa, big pharma, medical dogma.


Published September 2010 in the Globe and Mail.


Research Highlights

Discover some of the exciting research our network is doing.




Side and bottom views of brain degeneration in Alzheimer's Disease over three years. The rainbow colours show the progressive thinning of the outer mantle of the brain, the cortex, where mental activity takes place. Progression from mild thinning shown in blue, through to green, yellow and red areas where there is much more loss of cortical neurons.


Video credits Dr. Alan Evans & Jason Lerch, McGill University.